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About Projectica

Projectica's mission is to create tools that help you increase your capacity to care, initiate, create, achieve, lead, and respond.

Or in other words, helping you choose, create, and pursue ideas through project-based planning and action, both your own and with others for mutual benefit.

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Life's Battle Plan

For times you're facing a big change, Life's Battle Plan is a printable, fillable-PDF form workbook that helps you sort out all the things you want to do in life into a long-term, revisable plan. It will help you live with more direction, intention, and possibility.

It's about you getting clear, organized, and out of your own way. Because we've all been caught up in our own obstruction.

A printable, digital workbook for long-term planning
WDYWTDWYL: "What Do You Want To Do With Your Life"

"WDYWTDWYL" audio series

"What Do You Want To Do With Your Life" is an audio series based on the email course that went out to subscribers and purchasers of Life's Battle Plan, to help walk them through the planning process. It's excellent as an annual New Year's exercise, or at any time you want to to unblock your path and make a plan.

Quit Putting It Off!

If you've procrastinated, you probably lack confidence about the worthiness of your goals, or your worthiness to achieve them. You are worthy, you just need the moves to make. This book and gives you plenty, helping you dig into the reasons and rationalizations behind your excuses — so you can better understand yourself and get that thing done.

You can find my ebook at Etsy (click the photo),  Amazon, or through the Apple Books app.

Quit Putting it Off! A Guide to Quit Procrastinating

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