Creating and working toward a vision

Projectica is about creating and pursuing ideas through project-based planning and action.

(And to that end, it’s going to start focussing a lot more on the blog and other forms of content.)

For now, it’s about you getting clear, organized, and out of your own way. Have you ever gotten that feeling that some dreams are just out of reach? Or that getting what you came for is taking so long, it seems pointless?

Maybe you don’t take your dreams seriously, or maybe others don’t. You want to hit escape velocity from those imposed limitations. †

Courage! We’ve all been there. You’re closer than you think to a breakthrough. If you’ve been wayward, you can get back on track. And if you just want to fast-track the navel-gazing phase and just get on with making a change…welcome.

I made these tools specifically to help you crush this:

Life’s Battle Plan – a printable, fillable-form workbook accompanied by a 10-day email course. To use at a time of facing or making a change, or preparing for New Year’s, it helps you sort All The Things you want to do into a life plan or long-term plan, so you can live with more intention, direction, and possibility.

Life's Battle Plan - as loaded on a tablet
Life’s Battle Plan – 2nd edition – a PDF workbook for print and digital record keeping.
Tactical Chronograph - cover

The Tactical Chronograph – this printable monthly agenda focuses you on your priorities, organizing your efforts and keeping track of your days in a novel format. If you want things to happen, write them down. Plan on one overarching thing at a time, have three objectives per week, and make a note of your daily or weekly habits.

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NEW! “Quit Putting it Off! If you’ve procrastinated, you probably lack confidence about the worthiness of your goals or your worthiness to achieve them. You are worthy, you just need the moves to make. This book gives you plenty.

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These tools grew out of the research and trial-and-error I learned from hustling myself out of a cyclical funk into being a happy, productive Maker. That means I had to work at it from the inside and venture into unknown territory, interviewing users and customers to find out how to make them more useful.

And there’s a purpose to it. Read on…

Why? What comes next?

…Now that you’re better able to do what you want and turned your dreams into reality, to have a really fulfilling life, it needs to be about something bigger than you. 

Others need you. Your free time and skills, let alone your ideas, can make lives and communities more functional, more beautiful, and more fun for everybody. The world is a better place when everyone shares their gifts and gets a chance to collaborate to the best of their ability.

I want to:

  1. help people find clarity and then be effective at projects they want to build,
  2. make co-operative efforts with other people easier, and
  3. make obstacles to collaboration irrelevant.

In the future world of work, people are going to need more meaning and cooperation – in all communities and across all walks of life.

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