Creating and working toward a vision

Projectica’s purpose is to help you create a vision and make it real, first for yourself and then in working with others.

As we try to build our lives out of hopes and dreams, we all get a little overwhelmed or side-tracked.  We get waylaid by love, importance, need, obligation, inertia, and having too many options with no clear path.

I’ve been through enough figure-out-your-dreams stuff to know that seeking and over-thinking is a complete waste of precious time. (Ego gets in there, too, even while I write this. Appearances can be deceiving.)

This is why the first things I’m offering are about helping you get clear and organized (and get out of the way of both gurus and yourself). I first created these things to help hustle myself out of a funk, and now I’m giving it to you. And I get something out of it too: I’m learning how to design a better set of tools so people get happily underway, and get collaborative.

Become a part of this beta design group by ordering the tools at the Shop or subscribing to the email list, choosing the projects that interest you.  That’s how you’ll know when a new version is out.

Using your free time and skills to improve the world

A few years ago I had an idea based on my frustrations with both the deep need for volunteering and its limitations. It shifted the way I thought about the way volunteering is usually done. I came up with a design and realized it needs  validation testing, and so that’s where I am today. will, at one point, become a SaaS tool for people to collaborate on projects for their common good or for the wider community. They’ll get to use their available time and skills according to their interests. Projects are:

  • efforts that are finite (they have a beginning, middle, and end),
  • fun (even if they’re problem-solving),
  • voluntary (unpaid, except for the rewards of participating),
  • real-world (analog and physical, digital takes a back seat), and
  • not-for-profit.

Examples: environment clean-ups, pop-up events, funding drives, Maker / arts festivals, and more.

Have you ever organized one of these projects? I would love to hear from you

I need to understand how people volunteer and collaborate on spontaneous or community projects and what obstacles they encounter in logistics and communication. Therefore, I need to know more about how you tend to volunteer already. Here is a less-than-five-minutes, anonymous TypeForm survey. My goal is to have 100 responses or more to have a measure of people’s interests and gaps. Help me get to my first 100!



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The world is a better place when everyone shares their gifts and gets a chance to collaborate to the best of their ability.

To this end, I want to

  1. help people get clear and then be effective at the things they want to do,
  2. make co-operative efforts with other people easier, and
  3. make obstacles to collaboration irrelevant.

Obstacles can be whether you know people or can find out about opportunities; also, unfortunately, if they will include you or if you can persuade people to get involved. Obstacles are also the time you have available, the skills you can offer, your ability to learn quickly, your ability to lead and coordinate, your responsiveness to change, your conscientious awareness of what matters most.

Basically, I want to make tools that increase the world’s capacity to care, initiate, create, and respond. In the future world of work, there’s going to be a need for greater meaning and cooperation across communities.

So if you agree, and want to be part of any beta testing, receive freebies and other tips and things to read or use, sign up to the email list. Choose the “Projectica / volunteer collaboration” option. That’s how I’ll communicate with you. (You’ll also get the opt-in freebie, like everyone else). And thank you.

For those who are curious, a quick note about my background/header wallpaper here.