Creating and working toward a vision

I set Projectica up to be about creating and pursuing ideas through project-based planning and action.

It’s about you getting clear, organized, and out of your own way. You’ve surely experienced that feeling that some dreams are just out of reach. Maybe you don’t take them seriously. Or as soon as you get organized, something else overwhelms your efforts. Weeks, months and even years can go by, and you wonder what you did with your time. It’s frustrating.

Courage! We’ve all been there. You’re closer than you think to a breakthrough. And if you have been wayward, you can get back on track.

I made these tools specifically to crush this:

    • The Tactical Chronograph – a free PDF download, this monthly agenda focuses you on your goal priorities, organizing your efforts and keeping track of your days. If you want things to happen, write them down.
    • Life’s Battle Plan – a 10-day email course helping you sort All The Things you want to do into a long-term plan. You can follow the course using just a notebook. Or you could pre-order a fillable (form-enabled) PDF workbook to print and work with, and then use it to distill your notes and save them on your computer. The email course is free; the PDF and a future online course will have a fee. *New run starting by November 30.* Movember participants are especially welcome!

I created these tools from the research and trial-and-error I went through to hustle myself out of a cyclical funk. (That means I had to work at it from the inside.) I interviewed users and customers to find out how to make it more useful. Now I’m giving a lot of it to you, and learning how to design a better set of tools. Next up: an app that advocates for your focus, goals, and time. 

Why? What comes next?

…Now that you’ve increased your capacity to do what you want and turned your dreams into reality, to have a really fulfilling life, it needs to be about something bigger than you. 

Others need you. Your free time and skills, let alone your ideas, can make lives and communities more functional, more beautiful, more fun, and more inclusive. The world is a better place when everyone shares their gifts and gets a chance to collaborate to the best of their ability.

Making a better world is not about talk: it’s about people doing things together.

I want to:

  1. help people find clarity and then be effective at projects they want to build,
  2. make co-operative efforts with other people easier, and
  3. make obstacles to collaboration irrelevant.

Basically, I want to make tools that increase people’s capacity to care, initiate, create, and respond (see the Mission, below).

And in the future world of work, people are going to need more meaning and cooperation – in all communities, and across all walks of life.

So if you like this, answer this questionnaire for social good and this follow-up on volunteering.

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For those who are curious, a quick note about my background/header wallpaper here.