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The Latin suffix -ica means ‘a collection of.’ This website is a collection of projects.

Projectica is my website, the company by which I offer my work to the world. I conceive of a project, start validating and designing it, and then throw it down to see if anyone picks it up. (Who am “I”?)

The road to success requires clarity, action, and confronting your blocks. Repeatedly.

So far, I’ve focused on making easy-to-use tools that help you plan and create what you want.

You might think this is just a plain little monthly agenda and a couple of self-help books. “Oh, great, more motivational nonsense.” Totally! I know! I’ve called it “productivity porn.” It’s an inexhaustible fountain, and my patience for it is limited.

What’s solid advice for someone in the C-suite can be good for someone in coveralls to adopt (and vice versa), but each needs to hear how it’s relevant to them. When advice is relevant, you learn how to do things differently and you feel validated and supported. When it’s not… it’s self help! (Still valid, but not for now.)

By sharing the concise and actionable tools I designed from what I learned from practice and research, I can help you can bypass “analysis paralysis.”  This is a scaffold you can hang your own process and ambitions. I made the template; you fill it in your way.

What I’ve done here is (hopefully) bullshit-free and 98% Woo-free (there is a little visualization and suspension of disbelief, priming you for observation). But it’s not commitment-free. Because to do anything worthwhile in life, you have to commit!

So give them a try. If you don’t like something, tell me how I can make it better. 

Why this is important

People who’ve learned to trust themselves and direct themselves are happier and more collaborative. They can see what needs to be done and step in and do it. (Responsibility! It’s a good thing.) They inspire others to help. This is where self-management becomes project management.

I first thought of Projectica as Software-as-a-Service to help people turn “wow! what if…” ideas into projects – for their friends, communities, and non-profit organizations – by helping them plan, recruit, manage tasks, and publicize from one place.

A lot of awesome, necessary things aren’t getting done because people don’t know how — and sometimes don’t have the organizational skills and charisma — to pull people and resources together for things bigger than themselves.

This is how good ideas get murdered in their infancy. I struggle with this. Everybody with a big idea struggles with this.

So I’m researching to design what could become a collaboration space. I see it as a necessity because people need self-starting and open-access ways to create meaning, support each other, and address the problems they see.

Why it’s a .org site (for now): a social enterprise makes money and provides a social benefit. It will likely serve the non-profit community as well. The plan is to build a platform that enables people to build reality out of their desires for whatever reason they wish, provided it’s for a not-for-profit motive.

…and for those who are curious, a quick note about my background/header wallpaper here.

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