About Projectica

The Latin suffix -ica means ‘a collection of.’ This website is a collection of projects.

Basically, what I do here is conceive of a project, start validating it and designing it, and then throw it down to see if anyone picks it up. Projectica is a vehicle by which I offer whatever I can to the world. (Coming soon, I’ll have an author’s website under my own name, so I can blog more freely about various interests.)

My wish, and tactic, is to help you achieve what you want by providing you easy-to-use tools, rather than offer you advice. I want to put you on the road to success with clarity, action, and confronting your blocks. Starting small and honest will build successes that become motivating for your own reasons. Momentum is motivating.

Enabled people are also collaborative people. They can inspire the help of others, but they know what they have to offer, and can see what needs to be done and step in and help out. This is where self-management becomes project management.

So what you see here now, with what you might think is a rinky-dink little monthly agenda (the Tactical Chronograph that you can get in the Shop) and a couple of motivation books – I know some people might think “oh, great, more bullshit.” I know! I’ve lost days reading motivational stuff on Medium and Business Insider that cannot be re-applied to getting my own thing done. (If I can prevent this from happening for anyone else, that’s my service to the world!) What I’m offering here is not “why I’m your guru” stuff.  It’s consolidated, concise, and actionable research, costing you little to nothing – so give it a try anyway. If you don’t like it – well, you can always tell me how I can make it better.

My long-term view is actually my initial plan. I first thought of Projectica as software-as-a-service to help people turn their “wow!” ideas for their friends and communities and non-profit organizations into projects. Because a lot of awesome and necessary things are NOT getting done because people don’t know how to create projects and pull people together for things that are bigger than themselves. I struggle with this. Everybody with a big idea struggles with this. So I’m doing research to help design what could become a collaboration space. And I see it as a necessity that I do this, because people need self-starting and open-access ways to create meaning, support each other, and address the problems they see.

As for why it’s a .org site – as a social enterprise – one that makes money, but provides a social benefit, it will earn the .org anyway – but the plan is to have a B-corp side that pursues the gratification of everyone’s desires (and the money that comes from that), and the .org side will cater to serving the non-profit sector with our future plans and help them engage volunteers.

Anyway. This is the About page so there you have my About (any questions?). Read the panels on the Home page to see what I can offer you, including the “Why?”

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