About Projectica

The Latin suffix -ica means ‘a collection of.’ This website is a collection of projects.

Projectica is my website, the company by which I offer whatever I can to the world. I conceive of a project, start validating and designing it, and then throw it down to see if anyone picks it up. (Who is “I”?)

I want to give you easy-to-use tools that help you go after and create what you want. The road to success requires clarity, action, and confronting your blocks. Starting small and honest builds your success. Momentum is motivating.

So what you see here now, what you might think is a plain little monthly agenda and a couple of self-help books – I know what you might be thinking. “Oh, great, more motivational bullshit.”

Totally! I know! 

But here’s the thing – I’ve lost days, even weeks, reading motivational stuff on Medium, Business Insider, and more ponderous business books. Trying out other people’s systems, no matter how disciplined and well-meaning. I learned a few things, but I can’t get those days back.

What I can do is share what I learned, and maybe prevent click-holes and analysis-paralysis from happening to you.  

I don’t wanna be your guru, the almighty-giver-of-advice. I just want to give you a scaffold upon which you can hang your own process and ambitions.

What I’ve done here is (hopefully) bullshit-free, 98% Woo-free (well, I use WooCommerce to run my shop, which is magic), and everything except commitment-free. Because to do anything worthwhile in life, you have to commit!

The tools I’m offering here are consolidated (from research), concise, and actionable, and I don’t have any attachment to you doing EVERYTHING I set out for you – only to give it a try and make some of it work for you.

So give them a try. And if you don’t like something, tell me how I can make it better. This too is research. (I wanna build an app, and more.)

More…? Why?

Because empowered people are happier and more collaborative. They inspire others to help, but they also know what they have to offer. They can see what needs to be done and step in and do it. (Responsibility! It’s a good thing.) And this is where self-management becomes project management.

But really: I first thought of Projectica as Software-as-a-Service to help people turn their “wow!” ideas into projects for their friends, communities, and non-profit organizations.

A lot of awesome, necessary things are NOT getting done because people don’t know how to pull people and resources together for things that are bigger than themselves.

I also struggle with this. Everybody with a big idea struggles with this. So I’m doing research to help design what could become a collaboration space. And I see it as a necessity because people need self-starting and open-access ways to create meaning, support each other, and address the problems they see.

As for why it’s a .org site – as a social enterprise – one that makes money, but provides a social benefit – it will earn the .org. The plan is to enable people to build reality out of their desires for whatever reason they wish, provided it’s for a not-for-profit motive. The .org side will cater to serving the non-profit sector with crowdsource projects, and help them engage volunteers.

Data compliance and Privacy Statement

I’m using third parties to collect information about using this website, which is pretty inescapable these days. I have the following things tracking users anonymously:
Google Analytics, Facebook, Hotjar, Jetpack, WooCommerce, and Mailchimp. You may see others if you use the browser plugin “Ghostery.”  I’ll know who you are if you sign up to my mailing list (welcome!), and it’s so I can better serve you. Otherwise, all I know is if and when many people use a particular part of the website.

Real businesses don’t sell email addresses and personal information; I have no intention of doing that.

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