Who’s this Jane person?

Hi. My name is Jane Sorensen. Here are eight facts and one lie about me.

  1. I love farming, farm equipment, barns, paddocks, fields, and yards, including lumber yards. I also love trees, woods, and swamps and everything that lives in them. I do believe we need more people like “me” around.
  2. I always have a stack of 4 different things to read and do. I have a paper problem. Every piece of paper represents an intention. I’ve been getting a lot better at fixing this, though. 
  3. When I travel, I try to stay awhile and live like a local. I often visit churches, pubs, cemeteries, and, of course, the countryside. If I have the chance, I volunteer.
  4. I love trains.* Any mode of transport will do, but I especially love trains and ferries. And bicycles. *Model trains are for other people, not me. I just like taking the train.
  5. I have an old man workshop in my garage. I installed a garage door with windows so I could have natural light in there. Then, I built a Wifi-enabled programmable switch so I can open the garage door with my phone. My next project is building bat houses.
  6. A house is just not a home without animals – both wildlife and pets. Having a squirrel house outside my bedroom window brings me a lot of joy and distraction.
  7. I can be obsessive about organizing, rationalizing (meaning combine and eliminate), finishing, closing, and deleting things. I love the sound of emptying the Trash and taking out the recycling. And I love doing my own accounting. 
  8. I recently bought a box of random Lego because I felt like I needed a new thing to get OCD about. It worked for a week and then I left it all in a box.  There’s no point to it. I have other stuff I need to do.
  9. I love performing at karaoke. Any karaoke. Hip Hop Karaoke. I do it better than you’d think.

Why am I the person to do this job?

I’m a good listener, and if and when I give advice, I usually do it in a different manner than other people do. I don’t want to package that and sell it as my job. I just want to build frameworks that other people find useful and that unclench a tendency to fret and not take action on goals.

Maybe you just need to hear about your blind spot from a kind but neutral person. Maybe you need to speak your dilemma or problem out loud to solve it. If so, congratulations, you’re normal! Maybe you just haven’t permitted yourself enough talking yet. But you may be looking for someone to tell you what you want to hear to reaffirm a choice, or cut it down to size. Or talk to avoid working on it. Not here.

Every single one of us struggles with procrastination. When it’s bad, it helps to have a coach or someone who is trustworthy, kind, and astute who can hold you accountable until you can do it for yourself. So get a life coach. It helped me, and I saw one who specialized in ADHD. (If you are a life coach: please consider my tools as a way to help your clients!)

If you’re not in the position yet to get a life coach, and if you’re basically trustworthy with your time, then my tools – and building tiny habits – can help. Setting intentions and following through really makes a difference.

If you want to know my why, my motivation, check this out.

You can always reach me here. Or the social icons below. I’m not shy, so don’t you be.

July, 2019: The present incarnation of Projectica is going to be changing over the next few months as I seek a permanent or contract position as a Product Manager for another outfit. My growth as an entrepreneur will go on as I’ll continue providing and promoting my goods and services on a sporadic basis. Right now, I feel I’ve grown as a solo entrepreneur as much as I have the appetite for continuing. The next level up is a big level up; there’s more for me to do – and I’ll do it – but I want to collaborate with a larger group of people in responding to a bigger need.