Who is this Jane person?

These are subjective facts about me:

  1. I love farming, farm equipment, barns, paddocks, fields, and yards, including lumber yards. I also love trees, woods, and swamps and everything that lives in them. When it comes to this, you wish you were me.
  2. I have a gift with animals that often translates to children and, funnily enough, some men.
  3. I always have a stack of 4 different things to read and do. I’m trying to fix this. Every piece of paper represents an intention. I have a paper problem.
  4. When I travel, I try to stay awhile and live like a local. I often visit churches, pubs, cemeteries, and, of course, the countryside. If I have the chance, I volunteer.
  5. I love trains. Any mode of transport will do, but I especially love trains and ferries. And bicycles.
  6. I have an old man workshop in my garage. I installed a garage door with windows so I could have natural light in there. And then I built a Wifi-enabled programmable switch so I can open the garage door with my phone.
  7. A house is just not a home without animals – both wildlife and pets. Having a squirrel house outside my bedroom window brings me a lot of joy and distraction.
  8. I can be obsessive about organizing, rationalizing (meaning combine and eliminate), finishing, closing, and deleting things. I love the sound of emptying the Trash and taking out the recycling.
  9. I recently bought a box of random Lego because I felt like I needed a new thing to get OCD about.
  10. I love performing at Hip Hop Karaoke. Any karaoke. I do it better than you’d think.
Chillaxing at a friend's
I also like to knit. I made that rabbit.