Data Compliance, Privacy Statement, and Terms of Use

It took me forever to get over the idea of monetizing me, so it’s just not my style to monetize you. That said, I’m using third parties to collect information about using this website, which is pretty inescapable these days.

The following services track users anonymously: Google Analytics, Facebook, Hotjar, Jetpack. You may see others if you use the browser plugin “Ghostery.”¬† WooCommerce, MailChimp, and MC4WP necessarily identify you by your email address and any purchase information you provide.

I’ll know who you are if you sign up to my mailing list (welcome!) and when you open an email or click a link, and this is so I can deliver better content to you (I’ll know what communication works and what doesn’t, who my real audience is, and what kinds of things they like).

Other plugins help make sure my site and the ads I need to run will be seen by, and hopefully help, the right people.  Otherwise, all I know is if and when someone’s using a part of the website through WordPress Stats and Google Analytics, what country they’re from, and what proportion of my readers use desktop or mobile, and the browsers used.

My list is GDPR compliant, and if you do NOT check the GDPR box (that I ask you to on every opt-in form I present you), and if you do NOT check the GDPR box when I ask you to again by email, AND you live in Europe, I will throw you into a folder where you basically don’t get to hear from me even though you signed up. Actually, I’ll probably just unsubscribe you. One of my jobs on this website is to teach conscientiousness and if you can’t click a box that indicates you want to hear from me, you’re at a deficit. Unfortunately, that could end up costing me.

If you use my website, whether or not you elect to sign up to my mailing list, you consent to the cookies and trackers and how modern website technology uses your information. I’ve indicated here how I intend to use it. I expect you to have good faith in the process and benefits of online publishing and engaging with content through blogs, and this website in particular.

I value your opinions and feedback, but all comments to this website go to moderation and I do not release and publish them unless they demonstrate a positive regard for other users of the site and a helpful attitude towards any improvements that I as a creator, or we as a society, need to make. This means any comments that malign others, pollute with spurious commercialism, or otherwise bring the vibe down will be thrown into the spam folder.

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