Using your free time and skills to improve the world

A few years ago I had an idea based on my frustrations with both the deep need for volunteering and its limitations. It shifted the way I thought about the way volunteering is usually done. I came up with a design and realized it needs  validation testing, and so that’s where I am today. will, at one point, become a SaaS tool for people to collaborate on projects for their common good or for the wider community. They’ll get to use their available time and skills according to their interests. Projects are:

  • efforts that are finite (they have a beginning, middle, and end),
  • fun (even if they’re problem-solving),
  • voluntary (unpaid, except for the rewards of participating),
  • real-world (analog and physical, digital takes a back seat), and
  • not-for-profit.

Examples: environment clean-ups, pop-up events, funding drives, Maker / arts festivals, and more.

Have you ever organized one of these projects? I would love to hear from you

I need to understand how people volunteer and collaborate on spontaneous or community projects and what obstacles they encounter in logistics and communication. Therefore, I need to know more about how you tend to volunteer already. Here is a less-than-five-minutes, anonymous TypeForm survey. My goal is to have 100 responses or more to have a measure of people’s interests and gaps. Help me get to my first 100!



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