The world is a better place when everyone shares their gifts and gets a chance to collaborate to the best of their ability.

To this end, I want to

  1. help people get clear and then be effective at the things they want to do,
  2. make co-operative efforts with other people easier, and
  3. make obstacles to collaboration irrelevant.

Obstacles can be whether you know people or can find out about opportunities; also, unfortunately, if they will include you or if you can persuade people to get involved. Obstacles are also the time you have available, the skills you can offer, your ability to learn quickly, your ability to lead and coordinate, your responsiveness to change, your conscientious awareness of what matters most.

Basically, I want to make tools that increase the world’s capacity to care, initiate, create, and respond. In the future world of work, there’s going to be a need for greater meaning and cooperation across communities.

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For those who are curious, a quick note about my background/header wallpaper here.