New Moon and dark skies tonight!

NEW MOON (dark skies!) TONIGHT – Here’s the final Lunar Agile calendar for 2019, three months that include January 2020. Click the link to download the PDF. 

Lunar Agile Calendar: November 2019–January 2020.pdf

I’ve started naming the Full Moons according to convention. Recently I started reading The Equinox Guide to the Night Sky as well as The Farmer’s Almanac (soon to be followed by the Harrowsmith Almanac). I’m considering how to incorporate almanac and astronomical highlights into the calendar. Perhaps next year I will build an entire yearly agenda from the principles I’ve been incorporating into my work.

Are there any specific kinds of dates that you would like to see incorporated into the Lunar Agile calendar? Leave a comment with any ideas or observation of what’s useful or delightful.

Using the Feynman method to learn, create content or products, and become an expert

Do a quick Google of “The Feynman Technique” and you’ll come upon a plethora of results explaining how Dr. Richard Feynman became such a celebrated physicist and professor (aside from having a charismatic personality that still captures people’s imaginations).

In a nutshell, the Feynman technique (or method, rather; a technique generally uses a tool!) is what the character Niels Bohr, in Michael Freyn’s play Copenhagen, repeatedly exhorts Werner Heisenberg to do: explain things in such a way that Margrethe, Bohr’s wife, would understand. If you hang out with physicists, you’re going to understand a thing or two, but unless you’re a physicist yourself, you won’t understand everything – and it doesn’t help when you’re talked down to (or not at all).

  1. Choose anything you want to know. Write it on paper.
  2. Teach it to a child, from start to finish.
  3. Circle the gaps of things you can’t explain, don’t know, or questions that arise. Go to the source material and find an explanation. Create a new page for them.
  4. Review the subject and simplify it.

It makes so much sense that within two weeks of finding out about it, I published my first Feynman project. It’s on a topic I knew well from a past life; having done an Amazon search for available books on the topic, I thought it worthy to share my thoughts and experience.

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The long process of evaluating my life – and how it lead here

Now that I’ve gotten this topic off my chest, in a few days to a few weeks (no promise exactly when, but I always do what I say I’m going to do) I’m going to revisit it and start making it funny. If you can’t look at your history as comedy, you’re doing something wrong! People’s “stories” aren’t that interesting until they actually become a story. I’m looking forward to my own next draft.

In 2006, after working in tech for a number of years, I finally got to the point where I really wanted a career change. I was working full time, on my way to graduating with a Bachelor of Liberal Arts when I made my first visit to Denmark, ever. I came back to ask for reduced time and was laid off, so I thought mixing my enthusiasm for Scandinavian cinema with my interest in project management and finance could be used for helping more Scandinavian-Canadian co-productions get made.

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