Who are you, really?

In designing and writing these products, I had to consider that even though the problems I’m addressing are common – seeking yourself, seeking your opportunity, seeking a bigger mission, and opening oneself up to voluntary action – I’m not just designing a solution just because I went through them. I’m writing it for very specific types of people, some of them not like me, and some at specific change points in their lives. And so I need a customer avatar for these people.

Where do you land here?

I thought about what kind of person needs my perspective, and who instead needs more practical tools. I also thought about who might not be well-served by the literature and support that’s already out there. I also thought about how I wanted people to feel when they read my tools, and (I’m not quite ready to go here yet) how I compare to some of the most dominant self-development players out there.

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Freebie: Improve your present, design your Future, or finally finish something from your past.

After I first started this site over a year ago, I gave away a freebie for opting into my email list (as I still do, of course). How it works: In exchange for your email address, choose the freebie you’re interested in. You’ll then get quarterly/bimonthly emails about what I’m working on.

First things first: due to an incredible amount of spam (I was surprised that people who have lists get fake signups too!), the list has become double-opt-in. That means you’ll have to act on the confirmation email. Then you’ll get a Welcome email from me with your choice of the content modules below.

I’ll share tools and ideas I’ve found and created, and occasionally a whimsical anecdote. You’ll also get a link to something in my shop every time – selected by me or by the magic of MailChimp. There’s no obligation to buy; I hope you feel compelled by the interest or usability factor and that you’ll find my stuff interesting enough to follow me on social media and share my content. Click here to jump down the page and subscribe.

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