What I learned about design and marketing and how to build landing pages

Recently, FreeCodeCamp on Medium published a long-form article I wrote on designing and marketing to your chosen customer or audience. (It’s linked prominently at the bottom of this post.) It’s an implementation article, so I actually tell you how-to.

I first heard about landing pages and many of the tactics I describe when I attended my first WordCamp in 2015. That was the year that I converted a long-running Blogspot blog over to WordPress, and it was a learning curve that matured in 2017 when I took a coding bootcamp. Since then, I’ve been putting myself through a design and content bootcamp!

Intro to an embedded video further down the webpage

When it comes to writing a landing page, there’s an art and a formula. 

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Your monthly pocket agenda, downloaded.

Here’s the agenda that captures everything you need, but only what you need in the timeframe you’re looking at. Now.

That is, the month at hand. This week.  Or the next three days. You prefer scribbling everything by hand, on the fly, and looking at it with a bird’s-eye view when you’re putting your days and weeks together.  You find notes help you keep track of your days.

“But I already put things into my phone,” you say.

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The meaning of the background wallpaper

The dotted circles are a metaphor for an ideal society, with porous and intersecting perimeters of groups of people.

Regardless of the reasons that make groups seem open or impenetrable at any given moment, groups are made of people who each want to live a full life. That’s why they join and create groups with others! So, despite overt and implied rules by which people are included or excluded from different groups, intersecting circles is a valid representation of society. You are never isolated. There are many groups to which you can belong.

Welcoming and serendipitous opportunities – the things that keep boundaries porous – help keep society open, functional, and optimistic.

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