Bricolage Buddies – a children’s MakerSpace series

Did you grow up at a time when Home Ec and Woodshop were part of your school curriculum?

They were valuable, weren’t they? 🙂 We learned how to do things that we didn’t necessarily get to do at home; we had access to tools that made us more creative. We created memories. The can of stain that spilled on a girl’s woodworking project that turned into a nice blush she liked better than the natural wood… The squirrel note card holder that Mom kept for 30 years, and now sits on your own kitchen windowsill.

We also began to understand…

How Things Work.

The Maker movement has kicked off a bunch of MakerSpaces and HackerSpaces where adults can go take courses, or just do our own thing – being creative with tools, plastics, wood, circuitry, metal, computers, cardboard, 3D printing, textiles, even biohacking.

It’s fun! And we’d like to bring it back to the kids.

Bricolage Buddies is a series bringing kids aged 7-14 to various MakerSpaces around Montreal, to work on projects that they can then bring home.

It introduces them to the Maker community, gives them projects they can make themselves and with each other, and shows them how to use the tools to make their ideas come alive.

It’s a four-to-six-session series where every week is different. Each workshop is 2-½ hours long, so they get familiar with the space, with tool safety, and time to work.

And when the series is done, kids can re-enroll for a whole new set of projects.

Interested? Sign up now!

We are planning registration dates for the first cohort in Winter 2018. Sign up below so we can get your opinion about the things you want and need, and you’ll be the first to know when Bricolage Buddies is ready to begin.

And if you already signed up (and that’s how you came to this page), THANK YOU.

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