What I learned about design and marketing and how to build landing pages

Recently, FreeCodeCamp on Medium published a long-form article I wrote on designing and marketing to your chosen customer or audience. (It’s linked prominently at the bottom of this post.) It’s an implementation article, so I actually tell you how-to.

I first heard about landing pages and many of the tactics I describe when I attended my first WordCamp in 2015. That was the year that I converted a long-running Blogspot blog over to WordPress, and it was a learning curve that matured in 2017 when I took a coding bootcamp. Since then, I’ve been putting myself through a design and content bootcamp!

Intro to an embedded video further down the webpage

When it comes to writing a landing page, there’s an art and a formula. 

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PetTinder – “Play a game, share the love, save a life.”

PetTinder! The game where you meet your “match” – at least with pets.

PetTinder is a name mashup: PetFinder is a website that helps people adopt a pet. Tinder (in case you didn’t know!) is a dating app that lets people match up for dates with a swift and easy finger-swipe.

It isn’t meant for your pets to date or for you to find a date to bring your pet to. It’s just a fun way to meet real pets from animal shelters near you – like that puppy with big paws that you never forgot. Only now, you get to know more about them, and celebrate when they get adopted.

And it’s not about getting you to adopt them. You couldn’t adopt them all even if you wanted to! Just play the game, love with a 💜, and share them when you want. Collect game play badges for rewards and achievements, and follow the  leaderboard to compare your play with others.

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