New Moon and dark skies tonight!

NEW MOON (dark skies!) TONIGHT – Here’s the final Lunar Agile calendar for 2019, three months that include January 2020. Click the link to download the PDF. 

Lunar Agile Calendar: November 2019–January 2020.pdf

I’ve started naming the Full Moons according to convention. Recently I started reading The Equinox Guide to the Night Sky as well as The Farmer’s Almanac (soon to be followed by the Harrowsmith Almanac). I’m considering how to incorporate almanac and astronomical highlights into the calendar. Perhaps next year I will build an entire yearly agenda from the principles I’ve been incorporating into my work.

Are there any specific kinds of dates that you would like to see incorporated into the Lunar Agile calendar? Leave a comment with any ideas or observation of what’s useful or delightful.

I’m hiring!

I need help to make Projectica a great resource, and though I love getting into the nitty-gritty details and understanding how things work, I know there’re people who are just plain better than me at some stuff, and I want to work with them. So Projectica – that’s this space – has two positions open.  I’m seeking freelancers to help me with the tough stuff, and pitch, develop, and improve upon my work.

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The meaning of the background wallpaper

The dotted circles are a metaphor for an ideal society, with porous and intersecting perimeters of groups of people.

Regardless of the reasons that make groups seem open or impenetrable at any given moment, groups are made of people who each want to live a full life. That’s why they join and create groups with others! So, despite overt and implied rules by which people are included or excluded from different groups, intersecting circles is a valid representation of society. You are never isolated. There are many groups to which you can belong.

Welcoming and serendipitous opportunities – the things that keep boundaries porous – help keep society open, functional, and optimistic.

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