The Tactical Chronograph – your monthly downloadable pocket agenda

You want to things to happen sooner rather than later. Here’s the agenda that captures everything you need, but only what you need in the timeframe you’re looking at. Now.

Whenever “now” is, Now is the time.

That is, the month at hand. This week.  Or the next three days. You prefer scribbling everything by hand, on the fly, and looking at it with a bird’s-eye view when you’re putting your days and weeks together.  You find notes help you keep track of your days.

“But I already put things into my phone,” you say.

That’s OK. Your phone is necessary! It reminds you of things and helps you account for your time – but not in the same, memorable way like thinking through a plan, setting intentions, and jotting down notes through the day. A diary helps you reflect, and helps you remember things later. In short, this book is satisfying to use in ways that a phone can’t do.

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Here’s what one of its subscribers had to say:

This time last year, I was trying to find the perfect agenda, and settled for bullet journaling because I could personalize it. However, I think I can use more reminders and prompts, and I really love the design of your agendas. It’s really helpful for me to have todo lists and priorities brought forward for the month and for the week. Then they don’t get forgotten. I also like the habits checklist (but often forget to fill it out. At least it keeps me thinking about good habits.) Looking forward to continue using them!

– Beth Darrow

The Tactical Chronograph comes out every month over my mailing list. You can download two different formats, print them for yourself, and start your week with a little forethought – but no massive over-planning that you won’t adhere to.

If you’re here for the cheat sheet on how to use the Chronograph, go here.

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