Got my Comp Sci Innovation certificate last night!

Last night, Convocation for the Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science, class of 2018, was a major milestone in the entrepreneurial journey I began in November 2016.

Here’s how I used the Innovation, Technology and Society certificate program:

  1. For ideation, testing, and building a creative suite that articulates across three aspirational organising products (Life’s Battle Plan, the Tactical Chronograph, and Quit Putting It Off!, a book against procrastination). This strategically builds my skills and reach for a longer-term project-based social enterprise platform.
  2. To develop my ideas and learn design practices at a start-up incubator associated with the University.
  3. I earned a 3.96 GPA, effectively refurbishing ANY side-eye any gatekeeper might cast on my BSc, BA, and Mgmt diploma – especially because this one is from Computer Science and Engineering. 🎓
  4. Putting out a live entrepreneurial project. I’m still building it and promoting it here at Projectica. It’s for multidisciplinary people (or just people who need to create more meaning in their lives!) who can use my tools 🛠 to search 🔦, create ideas 💡, write ✍🏽, and sort through their goals, to make a real plan 📑 and get on with it.

The process began as an exercise in defrustration – removing obstacles to alleviate frustration – at a time when I needed to demonstrate traction. It’s had many rewards, and I deserve to celebrate this accomplishment. That’s one of the things I teach!

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