Contact me

I have a handy tip for y’all – I know the pop-up is annoying, but  – if you sign up to the Projectica mailing list, it’s a two-way street! It doesn’t come from a “noreply” box – it comes from me, and I’d love to hear from you there.

But if you’re trying to reach me for any other reason, give this box a try. (When I know it works, I’ll take this “try” word away.)

Before you go…

I am ALWAYS interested in conducting interviews with people, whether or not they’re using my products, to find out how they approach a “facing change” problem. For my other work, I’m looking to interview people about volunteering time-and-effort problems, or a “How do I create-a-big-project” problem. I have my assumptions about how things work, but I have to challenge those assumptions and learn how other people think and deal.
If you’re available for a half-hour interview, here’s my calendar (barring calendar configuration that may hide things).