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OK, so I know it’s not like you’re suffering from a lack of email, but rest assured, my emails will be slightly entertaining, and they won’t be frequent:

  • The Tactical Chronograph used to have a monthly email, but now it inserts relevant content into Projectica’s regular quarterly updates. Those who join this list group will get a Welcome message with a link to the archives, and offers in the quarterly email.
  • Life’s Battle Plan is a 10-day email series to help you make a sensible plan for what you want to do in life. 
  • The Procrastination book list is for promotions that lead up the launch of my Quit Putting It Off eBook. Signups to this list indicate you want content to help address these problems. That means I’ll include more of it in the newsletter, just for you! Also, you’ll get a discount code to get the abridged version of the book, for free.
  • The whole list gets a quarterly email about the projects that I’m working on. This is a low-volume way you can get in on all my project/ product design news and giveaways. If something interesting is coming up, I may send a special email about it here. 

And my list is not a “noreply” – it replies back to me. It’s the best way we can communicate with each other!


In exchange for signing up on this page, you’ll receive a “Tips for Productivity” slide deck that will help you take back your focus when you’re busy and distracted.

This list is GDPR-compliant (European data protection legislation), and I have no interest in exchanging or selling your private information. Real businesses don’t do that. (Projectica’s privacy policy is below.)

(For those who are interested in Projectica's voluntary-project development, please contact me below.)

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Data Compliance and Privacy Statement

It took me forever to get over the idea of monetizing me, so it’s just not my style to monetize you. That said, I’m using third parties to collect information about using this website, which is pretty inescapable these days. I have the following services tracking users anonymously:
Google Analytics, Facebook, Hotjar, Jetpack, WooCommerce, and MailChimp. You may see others if you use the browser plugin “Ghostery.”  I’ll know who you are if you sign up to my mailing list (welcome!) and when you open an email or click a link, and this is so I can deliver better content to you (I’ll know what works and what doesn’t, what kinds of things people like). Other plugins help make sure my site and the ads I need to run will help the right people.

If you’re trying to reach me for any other reason, give this box a try.

Before you go…

Have you faced a big change in your past, or are you facing one right now? Have you had a good time of building success out of uncertainty? Can I interview you? I’m always interested in finding out the different the ways people approach change or implementing new choices and embarking on new projects or doggedly finishing old ones!

I also want to know more about challenges you’ve had in 1) volunteering – such as challenges with time or effort or permission, or 2) a “How do I build a big project?” problem. Sometimes we want to do things that are bigger than ourselves, and we need help.

My calendar is open. If you’re available for a half-hour interview, schedule it here. Our interview will be over the phone or Skype, and though I will use the results, nothing will be identified or connected back to you without your permission.