Using your free time and skills to improve the world

A few years ago I had an idea based on my frustrations with both the deep need for volunteering and its limitations. It shifted the way I thought about the way volunteering is usually done. I came up with a design and realized it needed validation testing, and so that’s where I am today. will, at one point, become a Software-as-a-Service tool. Think about any kind of planning, scheduling, designing, spreadsheet, analytics, and communications tools that you might use and even pay for – that’s what SaaS stands for.

It’ll be for people to collaborate on projects for their own good (idea creation, skill building, networking and fellowship, free expression) or for the wider community (resources the community needs, experiences they enjoy). Collaborators come from a wide net – whoever is interested in a topic, skill to practice, or the project itself – and use their available time and skills according to their interests.

Projects are:

  • efforts that are finite (they have a beginning, middle, and end),
  • fun (even if they’re problem-solving),
  • voluntary (unpaid, except for the rewards of participating, which may include a share of the benefits or proceeds),
  • real-world (analog and physical, digital takes a back seat), and
  • not-for-profit.

Examples: environmental clean-ups, pop-up events, funding drives, amateur sports events, Maker and arts festivals, and more.**

So, if you could collaborate on anything:

** Have you ever organized one of these projects? I would love to hear from you Send me a message, or just book a ½ hour slot in my Calendly at the bottom of the page.