Day 5 for WDYWTDWYL: Creative Vision planning

Here we take your goals and start putting them into a broken-down 10-year framework (although you can also set out a different long-term period). Get out your pens for writing a lot of headings!

This is a slow-talking audio because you’re meant to follow along with your journal and pen, writing headings and filling out what you can in preparation for your homework. There are times where you can pause the audio to catch up.

WDYWTDWYL Day 5: Creative Vision planning

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Useful Bonus Activity: Your Discrepancy List

Day 5 is a good day’s worth of work, and this activity is for the goals that you deem highest priority. Taking this extra step will better prepare you for accomplishing them. I’ll refer to it later in the audio series, assuming you find it useful.

It’s based on psychology research that found when people visualize their goals, the people who were more successful went an extra step, and contrasted their visualized goal with where they are right now.

This step also combats the demotivating beliefs that we create out of the assumptions we make, and which are often given to us by others. We rarely create demotivating beliefs out of nothing, and so we must work to combat them with pragmatism and reassurance that you can learn as you go by thinking about (and doing) the steps required.

Affirmations contradict limiting beliefs that other people hand you, or that you create out of insecurity, and centre yourself in your competence and commitment. The problem with affirmations is, as the researchers discovered, people can get high off the fumes without hitting the accelerator. In order to prevent that from happening, you need to look at the conditions that surround you when you’re on the starting line. 

So take a look at your highest-priority goals, and consider the contrast between where you are now and what the ideal outcome would be. Then, work backwards and see what you need to do. 

Copy this Discrepancy table into a new page in your journal and begin filling it out. Refer to it and make adjustments over the second part of this exercise. 

At no point should you become discouraged. Give yourself credit for being an adult!

Discrepancy table

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