Days 2 – 4 of the WDYWTDWYL series

(WDYWTDWYL = What Do You Want To Do With Your Life?)

With these three sessions, we begin populating the field of possibilities. Your job across these sessions is to generate All The Things you want to do.

Day 2: Future Vision and Your Five Domains

Today’s session starts with a meditation-or-other routine to put you in the right frame of mind to envision living in the future where you have accomplished things you already know you want to do, and discover what else there is that might be of use and surprise to you.

WDYWTDWYL Day 2: Future Vision and Your Five Domains

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Then, based on Warren Buffet’s advice of 25 things you really want to do in your life, strike out twenty and choose 5. Here we develop that into the idea that you have 5 domains in which you can categorize the things that will render your life complete and meaningful.

In case you get stuck!

Today’s exercise ends with a bonus: Write yourself an email at FutureMe or MyFutureSelf. These two services will deliver this email to you at a future date that you specify. They’re both tools you can use for reflection and journaling.

Day 3: The Master List of Goals

Here I suggest a list of categories for you to record your goals. You’ll use quite a few pages in your notebook, but you should also create a Note on your mobile phone so that when you are out and about during the day, you have a place you can capture the goals that you think of – particularly the “I should do…” and “One day…” and “oh, that’d be fun!” kind.

Here, according to well-known categories such as habits, training and education, career goals, financial goals, community aspirations, and friends and fun, you’ll get down everything you would like to do.

WDYWTDWYL Day 3: The Master List of Goals

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There’s also a strategy here to deal with those goals that have bugged you, but you haven’t done anything about.

Bonus work: Choosing a persona you can use for each set of goals.

Day 4: Mapping Goals into Your Domains

Here you’ll first codify all your goals into the domains they fit into, and notice when you have goals that fit two domains. This is a process of validating your domains. Then you’ll list your “ladder of goals” into each domain, and sketch out a map to show how they can connect together. You’ll begin to see where natural cross-domain efforts emerge, and, perhaps, sightly alter a domain.

WDYWTDWYL Day 4: Mapping Goals into Domains

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Have a goal that doesn’t fit a domain? There are two places to put this goal: The Bucket List, or the Future Box. The Bucket List is for your challenging, pleasurable one-off experiences that you want to have for their own sake. The Future Box is for everything that doesn’t fit, so that you won’t prioritize it until it becomes relevant, or when life dramatically changes.

Note: this session was recorded over two days, and there are little inconsistencies in tone that I’m learning how to adjust with the track volume, equalizer, and other smart controls. I’ve learned that the differences in one’s day-to-day voice can be startling!

Day 5 will be published in two days – on December 22, 2019.

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