Days 6 and 7 of WDYWTDWYL

These two sessions are about reality-checking, clearing obstacles, and asking for advice and support from people you respect and who care about you.

Day 6: The Pain List

Today we’re going to confront the things you’ve been minimizing and avoiding. These are things that feel bad, and you’re going to take the first concrete steps to resolve them productively. It’s all here in the audio.

WDYWTDWYL Day 6: The Pain List

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Day 7: Reconfigure Your Plans and Get Feedback

While some people find skepticism motivating (“I’m going to prove you wrong,”) there are many people who experience it as undermining. They’re exaggerating the negativity when they allow this, but they’re not entirely incorrect. Major goals require the support of loved ones as well as support from people who are in a position to help you. Those who cannot obtain “social proof” usually don’t achieve much unless they have the energy to do something different and the persistence and eventual talent to do it well.

So today, you’re not looking for skeptics, but for realists who wish the best for you, and who can give you support, and even someone who can tell you something you don’t know that will set you straight.

WDYWTDWYL Day 7: Reconfigure Your Plans and Get Feedback

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