Days 8 and 9 of WDYWTDWYL – Building out your plans for the next year

In these two sessions – the first of which you’ll do now, and the second you’ll do as you go from today through the rest of the year – you’ll make a solid plan that you can execute, and turn your attention towards the projects that’ll be the main course of your activities for the next four quarters.

Day 8 – New (Year’s) Resolutions and First Quarter Plans

In this session, you’ll take your adjustments from the Creative Vision two-year plans, which are essentially the Discrepancy table, the Pain List, and the feedback you received, and add in your New Resolutions. Then you’ll put what’s necessary, realistic, and ambitious into your plans for the next three months – which, as of time of writing, begins January 2020.

WDYWTDWYL Day 8 – New (Year’s) Resolutions and First Quarter Plans

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In fact, I have a handy template that you can use if you want. The audio tells you to divide one of your workbook pages into four quadrants – keeping things simple. This is the pretty one for when you’re ready to tuck it into your agenda, post it on your fridge, and put it on your cubicle wall.

Day 9 – Drafting the Rest of the Year; Project Planning

Continuing on with the shorter-term plans from your Creative Vision and the adjustments you’ve made, populate the next 3 quarters to foresee what you can accomplish by this time next year. Review your plans once a month and at the beginning and end of each quarter, make any changes you need, and mark off what you’ve accomplished!

WDYWTDWYL Day 9: Drafting the Rest of the Year; Project Planning

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Halfway through the audio, we begin the process of project management: creating a project section in your notebook with project lists according to context. In fact, here’s another template you can use for any project idea you have on the go:

And then we’re done. 🎉

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