What I learned about design and marketing and how to build landing pages

Recently, FreeCodeCamp on Medium published a long-form article I wrote on designing and marketing to your chosen customer or audience. (It’s linked prominently at the bottom of this post.) It’s an implementation article, so I actually tell you how-to.

I first heard about landing pages and many of the tactics I describe when I attended my first WordCamp in 2015. That was the year that I converted a long-running Blogspot blog over to WordPress, and it was a learning curve that matured in 2017 when I took a coding bootcamp. Since then, I’ve been putting myself through a design and content bootcamp!

Intro to an embedded video further down the webpage

When it comes to writing a landing page, there’s an art and a formula. 

Since I’d accidentally pitched it by asking the founder of FreeCodeCamp if there was such an article, because I was terribly confused about how, this article then became one of my Feynman projects. (I can’t wait to link to more of the Feynman projects I do – and an explanation is coming soon.)

After several months of learning new things by starting from knowing almost nothing about modern Internet marketing, I recorded my efforts to hack my way through and I took a lot of notes and screen videos. This was a major side project and it really helped me learn.

It’s not-quite-everything I’ve learned to a point (for scope limitations; there’s more I’ve learned since, and there’s more to learn yet) about getting your landing pages together to attract subscribers to your new creative effort or product.

If you’re using WordPress – even if you’re not! – it should help demystify a “simple” process that ain’t quite so simple. 

Here’s a bonus video I made for my Facebook Page about the anatomy of a landing page.

When you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and tackle it in your WordPress site, click on through to the video to see what you’ll need to prepare for. The video is embedded within the article too, in case you want to get the most out of both by reading it first.

The article, covering a broader range of topics on gettin’er done from ideation to talking to the people you want to serve — to knowing what calls-to-action are working if you have more than one landing page — is here: 

How to market your new project, incorporate design, create a landing page, and “get” your users!

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