Freebie: Improve your present, design your Future, or finally finish something from your past.

After I first started this site over a year ago, I gave away a freebie for opting into my email list (as I still do, of course). How it works: In exchange for your email address, choose the freebie you’re interested in. You’ll then get quarterly/bimonthly emails about what I’m working on.

First things first: due to an incredible amount of spam (I was surprised that people who have lists get fake signups too!), the list has become double-opt-in. That means you’ll have to act on the confirmation email. Then you’ll get a Welcome email from me with your choice of the content modules below.

I’ll share tools and ideas I’ve found and created, and occasionally a whimsical anecdote. You’ll also get a link to something in my shop every time – selected by me or by the magic of MailChimp. There’s no obligation to buy; I hope you feel compelled by the interest or usability factor and that you’ll find my stuff interesting enough to follow me on social media and share my content. Click here to jump down the page and subscribe.

Productivity tips for most people!

This, my first opt-in, is a tool that can help you with your present. It’s a slide deck of tips I’ve culled and written and rewritten into a “heuristic” (a set of conditional rules, also sometimes thought of as a hack!) to deal with distraction and getting your best work done before you need it to be. It’s hyper-organized, especially since I distilled it from many sources, and anyone* should be able to put a few of them to use right away.

Here’s a sample set of points:

➤  When you break from an activity, denote what’s next for when you can come back to it. (This is not intuitive; we think we’ll remember, but if we don’t make a note, we forget.)
➤  Hold meetings when your energy is ebbing: where do you want to go, and what’s the best way to get there? Collegiality is energizing.
➤ If an interruption subject is in the same topic (“workspace”) you’re working in, it’s productive – take time for it. If it’s not, interruptions take a reported average of 26 minutes to recover from.

How this deck helps you: Flip through it at a moment when you need to trick yourself or somebody else into getting good work done. It will reorient you to a productive approach, and help you defend your energy.  Click here to jump down the page and subscribe.

If, after using this deck, you continue spending time on “how to hack productivity” articles on the internet, you’re doing that simply because you like reading them. [Attention hack: Stop surfing productivity porn!]

* Anyone? Well, honestly, I can think of a few people this wouldn’t help. How does a psychologist change a lightbulb? The lightbulb has to WANT to change.

Life’s Battle Plan – Days 1 and 2 of the email series

Life’s Battle Plan is a scaffold for you to hang your ambitions and dreams onto, so you know where you are, and how to go about achieving them. This teaser is two days of material from the course, just enough for you to set course for your future.

I just turned it from a fire hydrant of actionable prose into just two modules to nudge you forward before you commit to the full trip. The full series remains a bonus for all who buy the workbook. If you want Days 1 and 2, subscribe below!

A Coupon for Quit Putting It Off!

And here is where we take care of any intentions and projects you still have kicking around from your past. Because you’ve procrastinated on a lot of important things.

This 99¢ coupon is good for my procrastination eBook, Quit Putting It Off — but only in my shop (it’s available on Amazon and Apple Books, too but the coupon doesn’t work there). If you’re facing a procrastination problem – NO SHAME, we all do! — then unlock this one below.

I do have one favour to ask if you get the book – please, please please please please give me a review. I’d love to have some testimonials from real readers on my website, and there’s also a space for reviews on Goodreads. (When you see that URL, it’s perfectly OK to think “goo dreads.”)

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