I’m hiring!

I need help to make Projectica a great resource, and though I love getting into the nitty-gritty details and understanding how things work, I know there’re people who are just plain better than me at some stuff, and I want to work with them. So Projectica – that’s this space – has two positions open.  I’m seeking freelancers to help me with the tough stuff, and pitch, develop, and improve upon my work.

Graphic Designer

Using illustration and line-art, with some experience with layout, you can pull off a style that appeals to men in a playful and black-and-white or colourful way that includes women (my target audience is mostly men, but in a big-tent way – some human predicaments and frustrations are situational and can happen to anybody). You’ll provide graphics for web development, publishing, and creative support for branding, products (ebooks, courseware, and podcast images), and social media ads. It might be an intense beginning. After the product and brand image work, support activities will be occasional until the next round of new product/service development begins. Video production and experience would be beneficial, app development familiarity would be appreciated.

Marketing / Business Development

You know how to focus on a productive content channel, and this will begin by successfully launching an eBook. You also have experience with content strategy involving podcasts or video and can serve to advise and help implement it. There are many channels for traction beyond content marketing, and Projectica has barely scratched the surface of the relevant ones. For non-web-related business development, with your experience or aptitude for publishing and sales, you can help target, research, identify, and approach partners for other suitable channels, and help make Projectica profitable and noteworthy. At times you will be coaching me on how to do it, and at times you’ll be doing it yourself.


Projectica is presently a start-up in the publishing sphere, but app development is the long-term plan. Vision is important. Read the About Projectica page to get a sense of where we’re going.

One of the things Projectica is about capacity building, and another is about community development. One of the target markets I want to make sure are included in the new economy are rural populations, where a sense of being overlooked or “left behind” is undeniable.

Given that, I prefer giving priority to applicants who are rural; indigenous communities and towns of fewer than 50,000 inhabitants fit within my concept of rurality.

Do NOT send a CV, but message me through the Mailing List/Contact link below. I would like to see examples of your work, and suggestions of two ways you can help me right now. Don’t forget to include your phone number, one social media profile (not LinkedIn), and your email address.

Any comments?

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