Introducing the Tactical Chronograph

Quick question: do you want to be 14% more effective and satisfied with how you manage your time? If your answer is yes, then I have something you should try.

Life’s Battle Plan – a big life-planning workbook I released in December – has a monthly agenda that goes along with it, but can stand alone. It was first entitled “Life’s battle plan – monthly agenda,” I thought “How awkward is that?” and started brainstorming a new name. It’s only for one short month of your life, but it’s in the month, week, and day where all your battles (your aspirations and the things that you have to do) will be fought. How will you gain ground on the things that are beating you? How will you tackle and win the things that you want to champion and forge ahead with?

With a Tactical Chronograph!  This, soldier, is a downloadable PDF you can  order in the Shop . (Or subscribe to the email list, choosing that option, and then you will get a monthly email with a link to download it.)

I’m working on making this product useful, especially for people who are facing change or taking on a new challenge that stretches them. And it’s only through having you engaged with the product that’ll eventually let me print a quality product at a price that people will be happy to pay. (For those who are digital, most of the time… I’m thinking about you, too; I have an app in mind.)

For those who like bullet journalling: try out my design by copying it into your bullet journal. As you go, by all means, adapt it to your ideal working habits. Ideal, meaning what makes it easy for you to stick to while keeping with the core parts – habits, tasks, weekly planning, daily journaling, and most importantly, keeping it all in one place!

There are two things I ask of you aside from the terms of the license (attribution, non-commercial):

  1. When ordering the Chronograph at the Shop, make sure the Subscribe box is checked for the Mailing list, so you sign up. I will be seeking feedback from you at some point, to see how well it works for you.
  2. You may adapt this work (bullet journalling, or copy-pasting certain sections of it into a document or a book), but that’s for your personal use. If you show it to someone else and they want to try it, too, share this page so others can download a copy of their own.

In fact, if you do any kind of social sharing, tag me in so I can give you credit! My social profiles are the icons below.

Thank you!

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