Mailing list

OK, so I know it’s not like you’re suffering from a lack of email, but seriously, this is the best way we can communicate with each other (and my list is not a “noreply,” it replies back to me). When I send you an email I can write like myself and keep it short and sweet. Rest assured, my emails are going to be slightly entertaining, and they aren’t going to be frequent:

  • I publish monthly emails for the Tactical Chronograph,
  • I run a 10-day email series for Life’s Battle Plan, and
  • other projects are for research or a particular, occasional campaign.

This way, you’ll get in on all (or only some) project/ product design news and my giveaways.


In exchange for signing up, and you’ll receive a “Tips for Productivity” slide deck that will help you take back your focus when you’re busy and distracted.

This list is GDPR-compliant, and I have no interest in exchanging or selling your private information. It took me forever to get over the idea of commercializing me, so it’s just not me to commercialize you.

There are more options when you sign up to the mail list such as your location, birthday, and the extra things you find interesting, but this'll get you started.

Last step, to comply with GDPR: