Between this and your phone alarm, you’re gonna get clear and conscientious.

Quick question: do you ever feel like time’s flying by and you’re not sure you’re getting done the things you said you were gonna do? Are you making a bad habit of everything going into your phone and then putting it off or forgetting about it, or else stacking up the notes and intentions, with nothing staying top-of-mind? Is it procrastination, or is it literally too much going on?

Here’s what you’re gonna do.

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You’ll plan your month on a 2-page spread. You’re gonna set an alarm to sit down every Sunday night and plan each week ahead. You’ll jot notes and list your to-dos throughout your day. You’ll set an evening alarm to write a few words about what you did and who you saw, and outline what you’ll do tomorrow.  And that’s done -all in one place, simple, with little need to duplicate what’s on your phone.


Spazzy. Disorganized. Not top-of-game.

This is how I used to feel all the time. Once, for Christmas, a boyfriend gave me a fancy three-ring, zippable agenda, and laughed (in a good way) about my bajillion Post-it notes on the desk, computer, fridge, bathroom mirror… of course this was before the iPhone, which is where I throw most of those notes now. Not that it’s much better, but it’s good at giving you reminders.

Weeks-flying-by is also how I feel when too much is going on, or when I misallocate my attention, or some extra demand takes precedence. Sometimes, a week would go by without me using my agenda or diary. The days were full anyway, and appointments were already on my phone….But if three days passed without making note of them, “What did I do again?”

Productivity bloggers admonish us (rightly) to “plan!” and “stop multitasking!” We know that planning does save a little time, but we put off planning in favour of action. But if you’re anything like me, your tools for the day are spread out in devices, apps, and scraps of paper. Unless you’re really good at sitting down to and completing a task (and who, in this ADHD time, is?), half our work is meta-work – getting organized to get work done.

When you feel like time’s passing you by and you’re not accomplishing your own dreams… it sucks. Furthermore, it’s annoying to need to be disciplined about your own system so that it doesn’t get away on you. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a simple tool that keeps things in one place?

If any of this sounds true to you, or something else compels you to use a real, paper notebook, give this download a try. (And later, tell me why.)

Order the Chronograph at the Shop,  and make your month more intentional.

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