Thanks for joining the Movember crew!

The next step is to confirm your email when you get a message from my list. After that you’ll get another two messages. One will be from my Movember crew list with the links to all your freebies, and a separate email for Life’s Battle Plan. Keep it for when you’re ready to embark on that journey.

As mentioned in the signup page, another one starts this week, and one after that in mid-December. I put people through the automation in groups, and freshen up the course material with each cohort. It’s ideal to do it December, as the holidays are traditionally a time of reflection on the old year and preparation for the New Year.

But you could also save it for a time of change or Big Life Decisions, as that’s when it’s particularly useful.

Bonus: every crew member who completes the Life’s Battle Plan and submits an end-of-the-series feedback survey will also be putting an extra few dollars into the piggy bank for the Movember Foundation. What I mean is if you do this, I’ll make a donation on your behalf.

Thank you for being part of the Movement, and I hope you gain an extra notch of confidence and mental wealth from my humble offerings.

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