Some mo’ for Movember supporters and friends!

This November, I participated in the MOVEment for Movember. As a Mo Sista in the Yamajo run crew, I racked up points both running and bowling.

Men’s health, as Movember acknowledges, is also mental health. If you want to stop men from dying too young, you need to empower them to talk about their challenges and reach out for support.

So that’s when it also occurred to me that mental health and seeking support is also about increasing your capacity and engagement with life. And so I could offer all three of my products together for free, to anyone who signs up through this Movember page.

Here’s what you get:

  • A Quick-Start Guide to Quit Procrastination. All of us procrastinate. Sometimes you don’t have to! This will help kick-start you when you hit a trouble spot.
  • The Tactical Chronograph – a free (for a limited time) PDF monthly agenda to focus on your goal priorities, organize your efforts, and keep track of your days. If you want things to happen, write them down!
  • Life’s Battle Plan – a 10-day email course helping you sort All The Things you want to do into a long-term plan. You can follow the course using just a notebook. (The email course is free; the PDF and a future online course will have a fee.) *The new course starts by November 30 and another will run in mid-to-late December.* 

Signing up here will get you a special coupon code for the eBook so that you can order it here in the Shop and not have to pay. You’ll also get an email with the download links for the next Tactical Chronograph, and Day 1 of Life’s Battle Plan.

So go on! Get your game on:

You're signing up for the Movember package: Quit Procrastination, Life's Battle Plan, and the Tactical Chronograph. You'll get a confirmation email next.

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