PetTinder – “Play a game, share the love, save a life.”

PetTinder! The game where you meet your “match” – at least with pets.

PetTinder is a name mashup: PetFinder is a website that helps people adopt a pet. Tinder (in case you didn’t know!) is a dating app that lets people match up for dates with a swift and easy finger-swipe.

It isn’t meant for your pets to date or for you to find a date to bring your pet to. It’s just a fun way to meet real pets from animal shelters near you – like that puppy with big paws that you never forgot. Only now, you get to know more about them, and celebrate when they get adopted.

And it’s not about getting you to adopt them. You couldn’t adopt them all even if you wanted to! Just play the game, love with a 💜, and share them when you want. Collect game play badges for rewards and achievements, and follow the  leaderboard to compare your play with others.

But the real ninja skill of the game is that every time you 💜 a pet, you make a micro-donation to the shelter where it’s at – and save it to your list so you can follow them. Because two of the problems of running an animal shelter are

1) getting the right people to see the right pets at the right time to adopt, and

2) finding the money to keep everyone secure, fed, and healthy until then.

PetTinder is a social game that helps the animals in a unique way – and you get to support them while you’re waiting in line at the grocery store. Props if that hot guy or girl behind you can see you play. Nothing says “great date!” quite like loving cute animals!

Help make this game fun!

We’re looking for interested animal shelter friends and game players to build a player community to try the app, develop it, and find ways to get it out to gamers (Millennials, their kids, their parents, and anyone else).  Want to know how to play? Read this article. 

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Help make this game reality!

We need marketers, graphic artists, and developers who can offer some time for this open source project on Github. We originally planned to code with React Native, but a Unity development environment presents other possibilities.  We also need back-end databases and reports. For now, it’s a labour of love that pays in beer and pizza and good feelings. The goal is to keep a low overhead to send the shelters the greatest donations possible. We need a good prototype and initial user base to persuade the first charitable beneficiary to partner with us to fund these shelters.

But we also expect it to become popular, so when it gets a lot of traction, it will have some overhead to employ the people who make it work.

You can try out the alpha version at

⚠️ Please note: a small team developed it over a weekend in July 2017. The code is on Amazon Web Services and I don’t have access to update it; some browsers will tell you it’s insecure or even malware. We didn’t develop it for that ☹️ and you don’t have to login, create an account, or do anything but swipe.

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