Life’s Battle Plan

printed version of the seriesAt first a workbook, it’s now being offered as a 10-day email course. You’ll need a notebook or journal – and I advise people to work in pencil for the drafting process. Also, I’m making it available for a limited time for free – or rather, in exchange for feedback as to what works, what doesn’t, the thoughts you experience as you go through the process, and the results you see at the end.

Be forewarned: by “10 day,” I mean there are 10 emails. They are timed mostly 2-3 days apart. You need to dedicate at least half an hour per day, every day, to complete the homework (therefore, about an hour a half for each segment, give or take).

Block this time off and set an alert on it so that you do the work. Even if you only dip into the topic and your writing before the end of the day, it’s worthwhile to be able to “sleep on it.” Much of our thinking about what we want to do is subconscious processing.

An engaged user could complete the course in as few as 18 days, but no more than three emails will be sent before you have the opportunity to catch up to the course material. You may leave and then come back to it if you need to.

What will the course cover?

I posted the Table of Contents of the original Workbook here on Scribd.  If you look further, you’ll find a few templates that become relevant during the course.

Here’s what one user of Life’s Battle Plan said:

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your email series. It was quite a journey, but I feel so much more focused and ready for the year. Here’s what I found supremely useful and great:

– the Present Pain List: it’s all so true, and it’s great to focus on clearing things

– the long-term future planning. This was scary, especially because I have kids. I realized that deadlines come up really fast, and I’ve been avoiding thinking of my kids growing up. Time to do things from the bucket list!

– Planning the year by quarters, broken into lists by month – I love the reminders to plan holidays!

I am starting a new job soon. Your tools really helped me think things through  – so thank you!

–Beth Darrow

Sign up now! The next iteration begins the end of July – or as soon as we have 10 members, whichever comes first.

There are more options when you sign up to the mail list such as your location, birthday, and the extra things you find interesting, but this’ll get you started.

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