June’s Tactical Chronograph: create the space for something new.

Now that it’s summer, are you really valuing your time, and do you desire something new?

Summer sometimes brings about change. Even just a change in context, or a change in scene, can throw you off – or make you realize you want something more.  We all yearn to be fulfilled, and that’s a thing that change delivers. And you have that opportunity in view.

What better time than now to do a little reflection? There was probably a lot that you wanted to do with this year, and it’s not even half over. How about start off anew, with a little technology detox? We all need that, from time to time… And the Tactical Chronograph helps you do that.

One of the busy weeks in June

The Tactical Chronograph is decidedly not another app for your phone. It’s using tech you’ve had around since Mrs. Reynolds taught you how to do your ABCs with a giant pencil and four-ruled paper. It’s a paper agenda that works with your digital habits.

It works precisely because it’s not trying to reinvent them. Your calendars and alerts are highly functional reminders of what you’ll be able to jot down in context, here.

Here’s where you capture the loose thoughts of the day, from ideas, to observations, to meeting a new person, to various to-dos.  It gives you a view of what’s coming in the next day or three, without it being everything you’ve done/have to do eventually. It gives you space to reflect and truly prioritize.

Dodge the overwhelm. Stick to what’s doable this week. Appreciate the moment. And start something new.

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