The Tactical Chronograph

You want things to happen sooner, not later (you might be a little impatient!), because you like feeling like you’re on track. You don’t like being distracted by too many alerts, too many places to look for the demands of the day.

Here’s the agenda that focuses on the timeframe you’re looking at. Now. That is, the month at hand. This week. Or the next three days. Sign up below.

Whether by phone or by hand, you prefer capturing everything on the fly, and looking at it with a bird’s-eye view when you’re putting it together.  Notes and a journal help you keep track of your days.

The Tactical Chronograph is decidedly not another app for your phone. Like a bullet journal, it uses tech you’ve had around since Mrs. Reynolds taught you how to do your ABCs with a giant pencil and four-ruled paper. It’s a paper agenda that works with your digital habits.

It works because it’s not trying to reinvent them. Your calendars and alerts are highly functional reminders. Here’s where you’ll be able to jot down everything else.

Loose thoughts. Ideas. Observations. That new person. That birthday.  Various to-dos.

It gives you a view of what’s coming in the next day or three, without it being everything you’ve done/have to do eventually. It gives you space to reflect and decide.

Dodge the overwhelm. Stick to what’s doable this week. Appreciate the moment. And start something new.

To get it, you need only subscribe to the email list below. Start using it today:

You need to confirm your e-mail to get on the list. There are more options in your profile such as your location, birthday, and topics you find interesting. But this'll get you started.

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