The Tactical Chronograph – three months (December through February)


Most people buy their agendas at the book shop or at the office supply store. Some people go online and find companies that specialize in agendas where you buy the book, and maybe fill in the date or you fill it up with stickers or whatever art suits you.

Now, you might like that kind of thing. But why wait when you can get this month’s agenda at the click of a link?

Versions you can get in the Shop:

  • 3 months (this product) — printed also available, same price + shipping (inquire at ordering)
  • 4 months – printed version also available, same price + shipping
  • 6 months (available in the new year)
  • Full year (on sale, includes January – March of 2020)

Its features:

  • Monthly overview with planning questions and space for brainstorming
  • A weekly focus and priorities box, and task-gathering
  • A weekly habits checklist
  • Notes or To-Dos on every page
  • Three divisions of the day with flexible timeslots from 8 AM to 9 PM (e.g. 8:__ instead of 8:00, for those :15 or :45 appointments! )
  • A daily mini-diary, including a Gratitude/joy placeholder
  • A daily weather record with all moon phase icons
  • Extra planning and reflection questions wherever space permits, at the beginning and end of the month
  • A few more monthly features you might appreciate!


Each month is 32 pages in a spread (two pages per 8-½ x 11″) that prints on 16 or 17 pages (recto-verso). The download links are in a page-spread format or booklet format (pagination prepared; links within coming soon). It helps to have access to a good printer or a long-arm stapler to staple the booklets; the page depth is 5.5″. 

This product is for ordering the 3-month package. It’s also available as a printed product; same price + shipping. Inquire at ordering!

2019 versions are all rights reserved. 

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