Life’s Battle Plan – development version

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Life’s Battle Plan helps you map out a big view of your life and all you want to do with it, so you can strategically break it down to what you can do this year.

NOW COMPLETE for the printed planner (until the next edition), but there is an automated e-mail series for journaling the process. Order it on this page, and sign up to the mailing list when you do so.

It also included monthly agendas for the first three months of 2018. As of April, the monthly agenda is called a Tactical Chronograph (order and download it for free).

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A 48-page life planner to gather your imagination, aspirations, domains of work, ideas, and plans in one place, so you can better plan 2018 on through. Sold out, but an email series walks you through the content of the Workbook, so that you can journal your way through the material. Sign up to the email list by checking the box on the order form. Once you’re on, you can then update your list preferences for “Life’s Battle Plan / Procrastination guide.”

For more details about the companion product, read up on the Tactical Chronograph.

Why? Keeping a plan, an agenda, and a brief but thoughtful record of activities (that is, a journal) is powerful.  We need to visualize what’s ahead of us, and find a way to take the opportunities as they come. (If we don’t know where we want to go and the risks we must take to get there, then we tend to opt for the status quo.) Life’s Battle Plan is a humane strategy and discipline guide for creative, ambitious, and multi-faceted people. It will help you think through and appreciate your own effort, and you will feel more aligned, disciplined, and satisfied.