Life’s Battle Plan, 2nd edition


When life is throwing curve balls at you – or when no such change is in sight! – writing out your aspirations and plans is a powerful way to direct yourself. You need to visualize what’s ahead of you and strategize ways to make and take opportunities as they come.

If you don’t know where you want to go – and the tactics and risks you must take to get there – then you’ll opt for continuing with things just as they are. Sometimes years are spent waiting. Please don’t do this. Instead, confidently use that energy to create and invoke changes of your own.

Life’s Battle Plan is a humane (that is, not robotic!) strategy, tactic, and basic operations guide for creative, ambitious, and multi-faceted people. It will help you think things through. You’ll feel more focused, aligned, and ready to adapt and act. Boldness might be a side effect, too.

Specifically, Life’s Battle Plan helps you map out a big view of your life and all you want to do with it, so you can break it down to what you can do this year.

This 2nd edition is a fillable PDF form. Tick the email list box when you buy it –  there’s a self-paced email course/series (included!) that will help walk you through it. 

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A 37-page, fillable PDF to gather your aspirations, ideas, and plans in one place, so you can make a realistic and meaningful long-term vision, and better plan your year (2019 and beyond). This is a digital workbook to first print and work in pencil, and then transcribe your best notes. An email series (included) also walks you through its content so you can journal your way through the material – or even invite a friend. 

When you’re done Life’s Battle Plan and have a good set of goals for the next three months, check out its companion product, the Tactical Chronograph. This is the day-to-day, week-by-week “operations manual” that you decide –  a scaffold for your week and a place to reflect, together in one place.

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