New: Quit Putting It Off!


Do you need a general or situation-specific pep talk? Or help analyzing why you are having a problem procrastinating, and help to get through it? This book helps you identify and address your reasons and your excuses. It shows you the different types of procrastination (note that I didn’t say procrastinators! We fall prey to all types). We often need concrete strategies and games that we can play to trick ourselves into good behaviour. It helps to value our work more, manage our energy through awareness, habit, and willpower, and avoid risking distractions when we need to put more effort into a project.



If you need a situation-specific pep talk or analysis on how to get through a procrastination problem, this guide is for you. It starts with an exercise to help you address your excuses and a scenario and a breakdown of simple procrastination. It also explains four types of more complex types of procrastination to help you dig deep into your ‘why.‘  It has a set of strategies and games to play so we value our work, manage our energy and effort around a project, and stop the risk of distractions.

This book needs one final copyedit review before official publication. Your interest and feedback are needed and will be rewarded with a free copy of the new book when it is out and available for purchase on Amazon and the iBooks store.