Tactical Chronograph


Whether you are new, or you tried Life’s Battle Plan with its monthly agendas when it first came out in print last December, here’s some great news:

The Tactical Chronograph is available as a subscription-based monthly PDF download!

Its features:

  • Monthly overview and planning questions and space
  • Weekly focus and priorities and task-gathering
  • A weekly habits checklist
  • Notes and To-Dos on every page
  • Little elements of delight sprinkled throughout
  • Agenda slots making three divisions of the day from 8 AM to 9 PM, flexible time slots (e.g. 8:__ instead of 8:00)
  • Daily mini-diary, including a Gratitude/joy placeholder
  • Weather record, and all moon phase icons
  • Extra planning and reflection questions wherever space permits, at the beginning and end of the month
  • A monthly tracking grid for regular or sporadic events
  • A spot to record the serendipity that will inevitably happen to you
  • Two colours if you have access to colour printing (red and black).

Check out the details here and on the latest Landing page.

The product is available as a free subscription to anyone who signs up to the list using the Tactical Chronograph project option; once you’re hooked on it (because it will make you happier with how you organize your days!), you can order it here to become a Member and support its development. There’s an introductory sale price for early subscribers.

Contact me if you have any issues with your order or subscription.



This PDF is 32 pages in a spread (two pages per 8-½ x 11″) that prints on 16 or 17 pages (recto-verso). The download links (here and in the newsletter) provide a print-your-own landscape format, or (in the newsletter) a single-pagination portrait format for the print shop to turn into a booklet.

Creative Commons Licence
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Based on work at https://projectica.org/chronograph.
The scope of this license: You may adapt this work (bullet journalling, or copy-paste certain sections of it into a document or a book) for your personal use. If you show it to someone else and they want to try it, too, share this page so others can download a copy of their own.