Why, hello, there! This my Shop (where prices are in Canadian dollars, and everything’s in Canadian English).

Here is where you can find solutions that make the following problems easier:

  • Frustrating procrastination situations and habits
  • Getting clarity about what you want to do about a specific life situation, such as a job or life change
  • Figuring out what you want to achieve or experience over the long term, so you can stop wasting time and do these things
  • Having a weekly or monthly planner that contains the items you need in its template, rather than keep track across several books and apps and locations
  • Maintaining a regular micro-journal habit (an account of time and every day experiences) because you know you want to and should, but don’t

Thinking about these important things can be more intimidating than it needs to be. (“Important! Oh, that sounds hard. I’ll do it later.”) And you miss opportunities to get organized because you think you need time to get organized (and you can’t get time until you get organized.) It’s a freakin’ catch-22 and it’s making too big a deal of it, and making a big deal of things – that’s not exactly you, is it?!

So I’m offering a few downloadables, a scaffold upon which you can fill in what you need to do. It looks like a big deal at first (so if you’re a procrastinator, maybe start with the Quick-Start), but you do what you want to with it, and it will start serving you as you work with it.

Enjoy, use, and tell me what you get out of this content! You can comment on the pages in the Shop, so if you see anything that could be improved in your customer journey, I will get right on it.

If you order a downloadable through the Shop, if I announce any changes to it (that is, a new version), you can get a new copy of the downloadable by visiting your Account page.  Keep your receipt (or password) in your email archive in case you have any difficulties.

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  • A Quick-Start Guide to Quit Procrastination

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  • Life's Battle Plan - as loaded on a tablet

    Life’s Battle Plan, 2nd edition

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  • New: Quit Putting It Off!

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  • Sale!

    The Tactical Chronograph – annual 12-month package

    $24.00 $20.00
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  • The Tactical Chronograph – four months (March through June)

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  • The Tactical Chronograph – six months (March through August)

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  • The Tactical Chronograph – three months (March through May)

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