Why, hello, there! You found my Shop.  I’m offering a few downloadables, and I want to get to know more about what helps you.

First, there’s the Quick-Start Guide to Quit Procrastination, which is an abridged version of the forthcoming Quit Putting It Off!

Now, some procrastination is due to lack of clarity – a tension between several equally-desired courses or outcomes. So I created a life planning tool I call Life’s Battle Plan. It’s an email series that prompts you to journal and map your big vision right down to the next three months. This was a real workbook, and it will be available again soon as a digital workbook.

Lastly (for now), the Tactical Chronograph is a monthly agenda, downloadable as a PDF. These will help you plan and do what you want now, and instill good habits to become who you want to be. It’s free for a limited time, unless you want to pay, but you need to subscribe to the mailing list (see its link ^) to get it.

If you subscribe to the mailing list of a particular book or series, you’ll be emailed about it.  Since some of the content you can buy in the Shop happens to be scheduled email, make sure to check the Subscribe box on your customer order form.

Enjoy, use, and tell me what you get out of this content! You can comment on the pages in the Shop, so if you see anything that could be improved in your customer journey, I will get right on it.

If you order a downloadable through the Shop, if I announce any changes to it (that is, a new version), you can get a new copy of the downloadable by visiting your Account page.  Keep your receipt (or password) in your email archive in case you have any difficulties.

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  • A Quick-Start Guide to Quit Procrastination

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  • Tactical Chronograph example in use

    Life’s Battle Plan – pre-order the 2nd edition

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  • Pre-order: Quit Putting It Off!

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  • Tactical Chronograph – sponsorship / paid edition

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