Why, hello, there! You found my Shop. This is where I’ve offered a few of my downloadables (and some discounted prices are going away soon).

If you order a downloadable, and you want to reload and get a new copy of the downloadable particularly after I announce a change to it, visit your Account page.  This is especially handy when I have finished a final copyedit, or come up with a new version of what I’m providing you. Keep your receipt in your email for this purpose.

Also: most things you’ll see here are beta versions – things I’m developing by getting to know you and what specifically I can do to help you. Enjoy, use, and tell me what you go out of this content!

I also enabled Commenting on all pages in the Shop so that if you see anything that could be improved in your customer journey, I will get right on it.

And by all means, subscribe to the email list by checking the box on your customer order form.

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