Thank you!

However you’ve come to this page (successful list sign-up, ordering something, random click…), you’ve shown an interest in what I’m doing. Thank you for that! Your support means a lot to me.

Now, some of you probably noticed I was giving away a freebie for opting into my email list. In about an hour or so, you’ll be getting a Welcome email from me. That email will contain a link image like this:

It’s a slide deck of tips I’ve culled and written and rewritten into a “heuristic” (a set of conditional rules, also sometimes thought of as a hack!) to deal with distraction and getting your best work done before you need it to be. It’s hyper-organized, especially since I distilled it from many sources, and anyone* should be able to put a few of them to use right away.

What to expect from my mailing list

After the Welcome email, the next time you hear from me will be something about the thing you’re interested in. On a quarterly basis – once every three months, or thereabouts – I will send a message to the entire list. I don’t want to spam you with something you might not get value from, but as my projects develop, there are different opportunities available.

Now that you’re a member of my crew, you may want to see the other things I’m up to. Go to the home page if you haven’t already, or otherwise, see you when I’m in your inbox.


* I can think of a few people this would not help. But how does a psychologist change a lightbulb? The lightbulb has to WANT to change.

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